Functional movement for Soccer Players

The objective of the work is to improve the player movement’s functionality in order to bring more efficiency to each technical gesture. The session work will focus on both the player’s postural system, and voluntary system in order to improve how the body and the mind think and act together when the player is in the midst of the play during a soccer game. We will do physical exercises drawn from several somatic disciplines and movement forms such as Contact Improvisation, Aikido, Tai chi, Capoeira, Feldenkrais, and Pilates and we will explore how they relate to the personalized player's soccer technical training. 

  • calendar: by appointment only 
  • class type: individual 
  • Age: 10/15 YO 
  • location: Seneca Park 
  • cost:  One session is $ 65 and a package of 6 is $ 370, a package of 10 is $ 600. The  package offers individualized and personalized work with coach Gionatan, player video analysis (videos have to be provided by the player), a personalized plan, and videos of activities and exercises for homework. The package has a three months life. 

Feel free to contact directly coach Gionatan for an assessment and to schedule your session (502) 759 1185.