Elementary School Mini-Tournament


IMPORTANT: this website is not mobile friendly. Please, use a laptop or desktop when registering for the soccer programs. 

The Elementary School Tournament allows the 5 and 6 YO players (U7) and the 7 through 10 YO players (U10)  to further develop their understanding and enjoyment of the game of soccer in a safe, fun, and developmentally appropriate environment. This Mini-Tournament is developmental in nature and emphasizes player development over competition. Parents are welcome to volunteer as helpers or as coaches and supervise games on the field. Both options are available during the registration process. Each player will receive a KSA t-shirt and a medal of participation. 


  • TEAMS: Only 4 players will be allowed on the field at one time. Players will be notified of their team's name, assigned a colored vest, and on which field they will play their first game at the time of arrival at the school site when they pick up their KSA T-shirts. Teams will be co-ed and mix-aged and balanced from a skill standpoint.  Please, notify via email gionatan@kickssocceracademy.com  if you are not planning to attend by 5.12.23  
  • GROUP STAGE. We will play "King of the Court" for a total of 6 rounds. The team that wins moves up (from field  6 to 5) and the team that loses goes down (from 5 to 6). The winner on field 1 NEVER moves,  and the loser on field 6 ALWAYS goes to field 1.

  • SEMIFINAL: In round 7, the games will be on fields 1 and 2. 

  • FINAL: In round 8, the game will be on field 2. 

FIELDS: we are planning on having 6 fields size 30 by 35, and each field will have a yard sign or a label with the number. The fields will be numbered 1 to 6, with field 1 at the top. 

PARENTS:  Parents are allowed inside the fields and close to the fields of play. Coaching from parents will not be tolerated. 

WEATHER: We are planning on running the event rain or shine. In the case of thunderstorms or lightning, we will take the kids to the concession stand area. 

VOLUNTEERS: We are looking for volunteers to help with signing in and T-shirts at 8:00am and with field supervision during the games. Please, write gionatan@kickssocceracademy.com if you are interested in taking up these two jobs. 

PARKING: open the link to see your parking options. 

Thanks, and please reach out  to gionatan@kickssocceracadem.com if you have any questions 

Coach Gionatan