Dear KSA families and soccer community, I want to openly address the current local, national and global events regarding police brutality against the African American community and racial inequity in general.
The killing of George Floyd shocked the world in a moment that will remain with all of us forever. The violence of the act was terrifying. The disrespect for human life was frightening and intolerable. The sense of police impunity provoked a shock wave of sufferance and anger that is still shaking the country’s foundations. The devaluing of black lives and the resulting injustice exploded to the surface.
KSA fully condemns the police brutality against the African-American community and any other community.
KSA fully condemns and does not tolerate racism, injustice, and violence of any kind towards anybody, even more so in communities that are underserved and are suffering for economic inequality.
We believe in and stand for the right of people to peacefully protest and share their opinions.
We believe that compassion, understanding, and empathy should be the guiding principles of human behavior.
Coach Gionatan Surrenti 
Kicks Soccer Academy 
Owner and Director