We have listed here below few Q&A in the hope to help you get ready for the program. If you have any question, please email gionatan@kickssocceracademy.comn

What does my child need for practice? Cleats or tennis shoes and sheen guards (we like the ones can be inserted in a long pair of soccer socks because they are child-friendly), sports pants and/or short and a water bottle.

When and where do the KSA coaches meet with your children? A KSA coach will meet the children inside the school in a designated area at 3:45. The school administration and the teacher all know where this area is located and they will direct the children to that area at dismissal. 

Attendance The first day of the soccer program Kicks soccer Academy will share the roster with the school administration. The KSA coach will take attendance and the program will not start until all participants are accounted for. 

Where does the practice take place? In the school backyard or in the gym according to gym availability and weather conditions. You will receive an email the day of the program that will let you know if the program is going to take place  in the backyard or in the gym. 

How does pick-up work? Pick-up is a 5:00 pm in the school backyard or in the gym. The parent or authorized person will have to sign the child out. If your child is in CEP we will walk her/him to the CEP room. 

How do I get in touch with the coach? Each week you will receive an email reminder that includes the coach name and phone number. You can call him/her in case of an emergency. 

What if I am late? In case you are late, you will be charged $ 1 for each minute. The KSA coach will call the number you have given at the time of registration and wait with your child until you arrive and sign him/her out. 

 How do I keep track of the schedule? 

1.   Flyer: the program schedule is on the flyer you have received at your school.

2. Weekly email: you will receive a weekly email with practice calendar update. 

 How does Kicks Soccer Academy communicate with me when a class is rescheduled?  You will receive an email notification the day of the cancelation/reschedule by 1:00 pm. 

What about the weather? We follow the JCSPS Policies and Procedures.

Who are the Kicks Soccer Academy coaches?  The coaches are all well-known players/coaches/trainers from the local Louisville soccer community and have experience in competitive and recreational soccer coaching. They all are back ground checked and some of them are CPR certified. You can look at their bios following this link. We try our best to keep the same coach at each school over the 8-week program.

 Who is the program manager? Gionatan Surrenti, Owner and Academy Director. It is my responsibility to ensure that the program is delivered to the highest standard from an administrative and curriculum standpoint and to ensure that your children are in a supportive, safe and joyful environment at all time. Please,  get in touch with me should you have any question, concern or complaint.