These sessions are for beginners, intermediate-level players who play recreational or competitive soccer and want to improve their touch on the ball and overall ball mastery such as dribbling and running with the ball, control the ball with different surfaces of the foot, receiving and passing with R./L. foot, fakes and faints, and shooting. These sessions can be tailored to one or two players. 

Throughout the 10 sessions, players will be exposed to soccer drills and activities that will move from simple to complex, from less to more challenging, from unopposed to opposed. The first session is a skill assessment and it will help to set goals up for the remaining sessions. 

One session is $ 45 and a package of 10 is $ 400. The package has a three months life. The assessment is available for the 10 lessons package but not for a single class. 

Feel free to contact directly coach Gionatan for a first assessment and to schedule your session/s.

Coach Gionatan cell:  (502) 759 1185.