Elementary After School Soccer Program 

Is an instructional soccer program that creates a fun and safe environment to teach children the game of soccer in their own school backyard. The EASSP takes place in the Fall, Winter, and Spring of the school year at the school partner location. It starts at 4 pm and it ends at 5 pm. Each season is comprised of 8 weeks. During the 8 weeks program, you can expect your player to learn about running and dribbling with the ball, develop ball mastery, beating and defending an opponent in 1va1, 2v2, and 3vs3 situations,  passing, and learn the basic tactical principles of attacking and defending playing in small-sided-games at the beginning and at the end of each session.  


The KSA Elementary after School Program is affiliated with the LOU CITY YOUTH ACADEMY. While the two organizations use different curricula and activities, the focus on the technical areas is the same. Coach Gionatan is currently on staff with the Lou City Junior Academy and coaches the U9 and U10 boys. 

 KSA is a member of the UNITED SOCCER COACHES and has adopted   "the Complete Coaching Curriculum for children age 3-18"  as a framework for the Elementary After School Soccer Program. The "Skill Development chart "  will allow parents to see what skills are going to be addressed by the KSA activities during the 8 weeks, 


Anchorage Public school

Jefferson County Public School system 

Spencer County School system