Our Mission


To prepare  children for recreational and competitive soccer and to instill a life long love for the beautiful game of soccer.


Values Content

  • Commitment
  • Dedication
  • Sportsmanship
  • Family


Philosophy content

We are committed to:

  1. Creating an inspiring and child-centered Junior Soccer Academy to allow children and families to become knowledgeable in the game of soccer and develop game understanding, intelligence, creativity, and skills in order to enjoy playing soccer at a recreational or competitive level.
  2. Developing each young player to his/her full creative potential in a supportive, age-appropriate, inclusive environment.
  3. Support physical and kinesthetic awareness and development to foster creative thinking and decision making.



Kicks Soccer Academy is a member of UNITED SOCCER COACHES

CURRICULUM - We have adopted the Complete Coaching Curriculum for children Age 3-18 for the Academy Program. 

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT PATHWAY - We have designed the PLAYER DEVELOPMENT PATHWAY in order to guide children and families through a process that starts at the Age of 3 with the Beginners class and ends at 8 with the KICK SOCCER ACADEMY FUTSAL TEAM. 

PLAYER DEVELOPMENT CARD We have created the card to allow parents and School directors to follow step by step the work that we do with the children. 

Coaching Staff



  • US YOUTH SOCCER "F" and "E" license 
  • On going internal training 
  • CPR certified
  • Background checked 

Gionatan Surrenti  Coach Gionatan is the kicks Soccer Academy Owner and Director. He is mostly known by the young Louisvillian soccer population (Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Elementary) as “Coach Trashcan” for his fun and humor-dense approach to teaching and playing soccer.  Coach Gionatan  - born and bred in Italy - has dedicated his life to teaching and coaching, soccer and movement being the most meaningful experiences along with his life/career path. His purpose with KSA is to inspire, train and prepare children and families for recreational and competitive soccer and instill a life-lasting love for the Game. Kicks Soccer Academy is a member of the United Soccer Coaches; Coach Gionatan holds a Master Degree in Literature and Philosophy and a US Youth Soccer F and E coaching license. He loves to play soccer at Seneca Park with family and friends and he plans to do so until the age of 100 and pass the Love down to his grandchildren.